I generally despise FAQ sections. I’m not so self-absorbed as to think that anyone cares about my favorite movies, reading lists, where I’m from or how I tick.

Never mind that this is an anonymous blog.

That said, it’s poor form to give readers zero context, so I’ll play along.

I was born in New England and work in Boston.

Things I love include sausage, beef and bacon.

Puréed, por favor.

You can find me in the trashiest joints around town.

The last great book I read was A List of Popular or Respected Lawyers.

I would like my last meal on Earth to be a heaping pile of cold hamburger meat with a straw.

Think about it.

I’ve never filed a clean tax return.

I routinely flip people off when they cede the right of way to me in traffic.

Because. Fuck. Them.

So you see, I’m like you, just sober and less predictable.


One thought on “About

  1. You are an amazing writer. I am just kind of working my way through some of your posts. They are amazing and funny and heartbreaking. I am guessing that you have to be a writer in real life.

    I feel like I’m reading an award-winning memoir. In fact, I know I am.

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