My New Addiction

Seltzer water is my new addiction. I like to hear the crisp pop of the can when I peel back the tab. The carbonation is perfect. I get the satisfying feeling of chugging the ice cold can.

Oh, it’s good.

So refreshing. I have a preferred brand, I obsess about having *enough*, and I feel a bit of anxiety when I see my supply running low.

Sound familiar?

Last night – as I relished another can – my SO joked that I should slow down. I realized then that I experience seltzer water differently than my counterparts. They don’t have a problem.

For them, it’s just a can. For me, it’s a lifeline.


4 thoughts on “My New Addiction

  1. I had that same relationship with sweets. I’ve been mainlining sugar for a year but had to give it up. (Well, most of it.) It was becoming my lifeline as well. But you know what? It kept the wolf at bay, so it served a worthy purpose. ; )

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