Out to the Pub

Going out to the pub tonight. With a coworker and a former coworker. I haven’t seen the latter since before he went to Oktoberfest in Munich. There will be much catching up to do. The three of us had a tendency to go way overboard. Easy to do on a Friday night in Boston, especially with the World Series on TV (even if it isn’t the Sox). Anyway, the former coworker is a serial drunk who lost his marriage to the drink. He lost his license as well and relies on the subway to get around.

I was spiraling down that drain, too. There but for the grace of God. I would drive home after these end of the week hurrahs and side-stepped a lot of landmines along the way. More accurately, I was the landmine.

I have no illusions that tonight will be easy. It will be a severe opportunity to test the strength of my sobriety.

But no matter what I will not drink today.


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